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Sunday, April 1

let them smoke

Ricky Williams is trying to get back into the NFL. He was suspended for taking performance enhancing drugs. Not just once, a buttload of times. Last time he got popped he was suspended for four games. That is an expensive error. It got worse, though. Almost a year ago he tested positive again and was suspended for the ENTIRE season. Come dude, I know you need an edge... but be subtle.

So I read further, and saw that Ricky is 30 years old. Holy crap! That is ancient for running backs. Sadly, most great running backs are in wheelchairs by 30. Remember Walter Payton? He retired at 19 years old. The great Barry Sanders? He retired at 20. Jerry Rice? He retired at 67 last Spring... but he wasn't a running back.

So I can see how a 30 year old would need an edge. In fact, if you are a running back over 30 in the NFL... you get a pass from me on the performance enahncer issue. So, I read further. You probably know this by now. Know what his performing enhancing drug was? Steroids. nope. Speed? nope. Blood doping? nope. Andro? nope. He got kicked out of pro football twice... for weed. WEED.

weed. Remember all those olympic speed records that were found out later to be weed influenced? No, because it never happened. Weed makes you fatter, dumber, and slower (especially you). You kicked the guy out of the NFL for smoking pot. I say if Ricky Williams can be an effective running back and still be high, kudos! That makes for good television, and think about all the possible endorsement. I talked about this a couple of years ago when Mike Anderson of my beloved Broncos got popped for pot.

Me, I don't smoke weed. However, I also don't get hit by 400 pound guys for a living. It certainly isn't a public safety issue. I mean, pilots and such need to be extremely strictly tested. Football players, though, should be left alone to get as high as they want.

update 04.03.2007

For a really thoughtful and impressive read on the subject, click here. It is a piece by ESPN's Chuck Klosterman about how and why we look the other way about steroids and such... especially in pro- football.


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