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Thursday, May 31

Further proof that I am Correct

The papers and pundits say that GW Bush is very concerned about his legacy. Already regarded by many qualified individuals as the worst President in American history, Bush seems actually concerned about people. Maybe it is his 28% approval rating, but guess what he has decided to do?

Be a Democrat!

It's true. In the last week GW has pledged 30 Billion to fight Aids, and is now looking to join the Kyoto protocol. Bush actually gave a speech on climate change today. You remember how the Republicans denied global warming, right? They said there is no such thing, and edited every single national science report to omit any evidence of climactic change. Two weeks ago, Cheney admitted it... and now today Bush has as well. I don't care if you call it 'Climate Change' or 'Global Warming', just get off your asses and do something about it.

Bush taking a stand on the environment and poor people in Africa? Yeah, that is being a Democrat for sure... which thrills me. What's next on Bush's 'I really am a human being' tour? If he starts touting health care, I am just going to shit myself. Either way, this will help the nation's transition to Democratic Leadership in the fall of 2008. Indeed, I remain Correct. The Democrat's way of taking care of the environment and the lesser amongst us IS the right way. We have learned in the last 7 years that big business can not, and will not, do shit for anybody but themselves. Come and join the Democrats, We're nicer, stronger, and haven't had a Presidential scandal for at least seven years! Note our new slogan and icon above, it stands for kicking ass.


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