Liberals treat dogs like people, Conservatives treat people like dogs

Friday, June 22

1. What’s a favorite shortcut of yours?

my drive to work. I call it the bootleg route, since I never touch a major street or stoplight. The whole way is through neighborhoods & industrial. I can make it in under fifteen minutes.

2. What’s something you insist on doing the long way?


3. What does your favorite pair of shorts look like?

like any pair of shorts. What kind of weirdo question is that? Who are you people?

4. Excluding classical music, what’s the longest song in your iTunes?

either Alice's Restuarant (Arlo Guthrie) or any number of Grateful Dead tunes. I don't have it up now, because it is a huge drain on my windows.

5. What’s the title of a short story you really like?

Hills like White Elephants - Hemingway


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