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Monday, June 4

Another Strike

You know how the lines to get into space take forever? Have you wondered why they charge you $2,400 for a coke on every trip to Mars? How about the baggage handlers, who explain with surly intention that liquids won't work in space? If you are tired of Nasa's shit, this will be bad news. Nasa's shuttle workers are going on strike. I can't really see how this applies to me.

I can tell you who it does impact, though. There is a shuttle launch this week, and the machinists have walked off the job. Big problem. Know what a machinist is? I didn't either, until I moved to Denver and learned United airlines machinists had walked off. Machinist is what aerospace calls their mechanics. The shuttle is launching in four days, and the mechanics have walked off the job. Indeed, this is a very big problem for eight individuals.

Nice to see that unions have expanded their ability to halt production all the way to space. No wonder everything comes from China, they have no unions there.


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