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Saturday, June 16

Head Shot

Do you know what a 'head shot' is? Of course you do. It is the 8'x10' picture of celebrities use to endorse themselves. I don't have one of these. Probably because I am not good looking, or in show business, or important. That's ok, though. I don't need one, I have you. This isn't why I write, though. This is what we call in the industry a 'set up'.

Here is the thing, I was eating a local Mexican restaurant. The food is amazing, and I suppose worthy of celebrity patronage. I know this because on their wall where you wait to be seated was several pictures of local demi celebs. You know, TV news folks and such. It got me to thinking: do these people travel with their head shots?

We must assume they do. So part two > how does this issue come up. Does a restaurant purveyor say "Aren't you lady from 9 news? Say, you got any pictures of you laying around I could put up?" That seems awfully forward, so I bet they don't. So, then, does the demi celeb say "Hey, great food. Listen, would you like a picture of me for your wall?" I have reasoned this out, and sadly been thinking about it for some time.

See, the wonderful people of this establishment barely speak a single word of English. So, it would reason they are not watching local news in English. I used to work in the restaurant business, and no one gets home before midnight. So, they surely aren't watching the news. Ted Koppel and Dan Rather could walk into this place they wouldn't know the difference. They would, however, serve them the dynamite food that I have become addicted to.

So, it would reason these demi, C list celebs, are carrying around head shots of themselves. Then, offering a signed copy to anyone with a pulse. Worse, I bet they are doing it to score a compt'd meal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More importantly, where is this delectable food? Are you holdin' out on me? -- Roy

4:52 PM  

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