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Monday, June 25

The Pants lawsuit, final update

Ok, good news. The system worked. Not only did asshat lose his 54 million dollar lawsuit against the cleaners... he (the judge who sued the cleaners) is now required to pay the legal costs of the suit to the cleaners. This suit has been going on for years, and that poor family probably had to mortgage their business just to stay open and fight this.

There is an expression in popular culture, which is 'I just got taken to the dry cleaners on that one'. This intimates someone has been fleeced. Well, the good news here is that Judge Roy Pearson (the suer) has most likely lost his job as a judge becuase of this. Because of his filthy greed, and what I assume to be a deep hatred of immigrats... Pearson lost his job, his lawsuit, and his pants. Talk about getting taken to the dry cleaners.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The news story I read has Pearson only paying the Chung family's court fees right now. The family's lawyer stated that he plans to ask the case Judge to order Pearson to pay legal fees. But also beyond losing his job, Pearson might lose the right to practice law. Various legal communities in DC have filed complaints with the Bar Association against Pearson.

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