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Wednesday, June 6

The Rabies Test

God forbid your doggie ever get rabies. He probably won't, though. In fact, I have never heard of a dog getting rabies in my life. It happens in movies, though. Specifically, it happens in a Steven King movie. Know what that means? If you dog ever gets rabies, he will murder you in your car. Just a friendly heads up.

What is terrible is that if your dog gets rabies, he will die. Here is the kicker, though. Know how they test your dog for rabies? They have to kill your dog to test him. Do you see the problem with this? The only way to test if your dog will die is to kill him. Can you imagine how pissed you would be if you had your dog 'tested' for rabies and he was negative? "Well, the good is your dog was just fine... was."

So, just exactly what is the virtue of getting a rabies test? There are just so many problems with this. Let's use some analogies: the only way to find out if you are getting fired tomorrow is to quit ahead of time. Does your airbag work? Let's hit this wall at 50 mph to find out. Think this gun is really loaded? You get the idea. Just get your dog the stupid rabies shots so we don't have to find out.


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