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Wednesday, July 11

a criminal mastermind

I thought y'all might find this interesting. I certainly did. You may have heard in the news cycle > that pizza delivery guy who had a bomb collar around his neck who was forced to rob banks was involved in the robberies. This is a strange piece of info, if you consider the bomb went off and killed the guy. So, why would you put a totally functional bomb around your neck for any reason? If I am the bomb robbery guy (seen above) I would make a dummy bomb for me. That is why we have to assume this poor guy was just a rube, a patsy, a 'mark'.

Guess what, that is the least weird part of the story... so we'll just skip that question. If you dig deeper, this is a story about Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong. See, Marge wanted to kill her father. The whole story revolves around that point. Marge didn't want to personally kill her father, though. Instead, she wanted to hire someone to kill her father.

Guess what, it hasn't even gotten strange yet.

So, she was explaining this to her boyfriend at the time, James Roden. Roden was understandably freaked out by this idea, and threatened to go to the cops. So, Marge killed him. She is in jail right now for that crime, to which she confessed . Now, before she got caught for killing her boyfriend... she still had the 'kill the father' dilemma.

She needed cash to hire someone to kill her father. So, she hatched a bank robbbery plan involving a bomb. She had a guy go around and rob banks with a bomb around his neck. There was a problem with collecting the robbery bootie. The guy robbing the banks for her got blown up by the bomb. * actual newscap above

This is my question, in order to kill her father... she instead killed her boyfriend and some rube who helped with the robberies. Clearly, she doesn't have an issue with murder. Note, her father is still alive. So, why didn't she just kill her father herself? That way, the guy she wants dead would be dead and the others would still be alive.

Or, let's look at this angle. Why is a 46 year old dude delivering pizzas?


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