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Monday, July 2

Impeach the President

Begin here. Write your Congressperson. Now, write your Senator. Please remember, these people work for you. You are their employer. Cut this shit out now. Cheney's treasonous secrecy and Bush's commutation of Libby (which was regarding Cheney's treasonous secrecy) are just the latest examples of their untouchable mentality.

Or, you may write to mine.

Congressman Tom Tancredo

Senator Ken Salazar

Here is an extra bonus. My congressman, Tancredo, is running for President right now.

bonus update, from Joe Biden's website... call the White House yourself. Seriously.


You may also reach out to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, old leather faced Nancy Pelosi herself. Website with contact info is here. Remember, y'all, these douchebags work for us. Make them accountable


Blogger Lono said...

an afterthought: here is a missive I composed to my great pal Roy just a minute ago. It's midnight and I should be in bed but I am so upset I can't sleep. Anyhow, enjoy:


Regarding Markos & Josh Marshall... of course those guys are gonna be upset. Those are reasonable people, and allies of goodness. I don't care what Josh Marshall or Ariana Huffington say on this issue. They will be written off as left wing wack jobs regardless.

No, what I want to know is what do moderate and right leaning people say? Will they stand up? I am sure Janeane Garofolo is writing up a witty ten page (like me) rant on how this sucks. But, what will it take for the RIGHT to stand up and demand accountability in their own group? Do they not want to win an election EVER? Does Cheney have to eat a puppy on live TV?

When will the people riot? What does it take? I want these motherfuckers held accountable. Almost every week, I see something so egregious that I wait for the condemnation from America. It never comes.

This isn't my country anymore

12:48 AM  

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