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Monday, July 9

That's not fair!

What's not fair, you ask? Apparently, the treatment John Mark Karr receives from society, says his girlfriend. Let's back up, shall we? Karr is most famous for confessing to have murdered little John Benet Ramsey. He confessed on the other side of the world (where he had been convicted for child sex crimes... and was a teacher)... and we flew him back here to Colorado first class for a DNA test. Turns out he didn't kill her, according to DNA. So, dude gets released and heads home to Atlanta. *Note Atlanta is where the Ramsey family lives now. It's early, but let's sum up. John Karr is a pedophile. John Karr claimed to rape and murder a little girl. He signed the confession. Weird? No, what is really weird is that dude has a girlfriend. How does the world's most famous pedophile have a girlfriend? She is also his great defender... or maybe she is super dumb. See her words from this weekend:
Parks often prove adventurous, as the couple is routinely greeted by dirty looks or curse words, she said.
Translation? "People are big meanies to my delusionally murderous pedophile boyfriend". So, you may wonder why he and his gal were in the news this weekend. Well, Karr got arrested for beating up his father. Dude is a fatherbeater. WTF is that about? Well, girlfriend says he is just 'misunderstood.
He's not a pedophile. He's not a child molester," she said. "He's not out there lurking for children. He's not a creep. He's a mild-mannered, nurturing, intelligent man."
So, Karr's girlfriend... do you think he did all that stuff he keeps getting arrested for? Simmons said they discuss the Ramsey case, but she insists she doesn't want to know whether he had any involvement in the killing.
"I want to separate our relationship from that," she said. "I tell him I don't want to hear anything about it. But no, I don't believe he's a violent person."
Oh yeah, it'll be separate. It will be separate when he separates your limbs and head from your torso. Run, girl, run!

Listen here, world media and people of Atlanta. Stop it! Apparently, it is time y'all stop portraying Mark Karr as a convicted pedophile, delusional murderer, and father beater. He is instead a "mild-mannered, nurturing, and intelligent man".


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