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Wednesday, September 12

Don't give her the kids!

Mary Winkler wants her kids back. Why doesn't Mary Winkler have her kids now, you ask? Oh, because she brutally and premeditatedly murdered her husband last summer. This isn't an accusation, she confessed. Anyhow, for whatever insano reason she is out of jail. Bonus, she wants her kids back from her family. No surprise here, the family seems to think this a bad idea. Hmmm... what does the lawyer think:
"She's such a sympathetic character. She's the mother of these three children and there's no evidence she's ever physically abused them."
She sure is sympathetic to me. She hasn't done anything bad to those kids, except for murdering their other parent, of course. "Don't count her out" a friend says of Mary Winkler. Why? Because she will fucking kill you if you do.

This is one of the best parts, though.
The court papers say that Winkler's continued separation from her kids is "unconscionable and detrimental" to the girls.
Do you hear that? Taking away their mommy would be mean. In fact, her argument works so perfectly against her. Winkler is, in effect, saying "what kind of asshole takes someones parent away? You have to give me my kids... I am their parent. Parent trumps everything." This is her message. Normally, I would agree with her... had she not killed the other parent. I have a feeling her thought process is this: without a father, the kids need me more than ever. Again, normally that would be rather true. I fear we are rewarding the wrong behavior here.

Lastly, how is someone convicted of a pre-meditated murder oiut of jail after 67 days? I got more time than that in Tennessee for taking a dump in a Blockbuster video store.

total bonus, on a hunch I did some more research. Tennessee, in their infinite character judging wisdom, doesn't allow gay marriage. So, it's ok to kill your husband. No jail, no custody issues... just don't be gay. Nice work, Tennessee... you must be so proud.


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