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Wednesday, September 19

Jesse Jackson is a doofus

Remember when Jesse Jackson was well respected? Heck, Jesse Jackson used to be feared! Jesse had cred, and he was workin' hard to protect the black man. I guess Jesse used to be a great man, its tough to tell now. Yesterday, Jesse Jackson accused Barack Obama of "acting like he is white". What kind of dumb ass racist comment is that? Can you possibly imagine what Jackson & Sharpton would have done if a public figure made the opposite comment (acting like he is black). Man, they would have gone apeshit.

So what happened? Some black kids beat up a white kid, real bad. Jackson wanted to know why Obama wasn't racing to defend the black kids who beat up another kid. Maybe that is what courts are for, Jesse. Why would Obama, or anyone for that matter, want to go on record defending kids who beat up other kids? Isn't that why Columbine happened... bullies? Does Jackson feel the beating was justified because the kids were black and the victim was white? I don't know. Anyhow, Obama stayed mostly above the whole fray. For that, he is 'acting white'.

Ok, Jesse... you wanna play that way? What then would be 'acting black'? Why, that would probably be some egregious stereotype of how black people behave in society. If you asked a rasist what 'acting black' was, he might say; someone who has a child out of wedlock, lies about it for ten years, and steals from him company to pay for his mistress. Oh, snap! That describes Jesse Jackson perfectly.

This whole thing upsets me. We don't have enough highly visibly positive black role models. Jesse used to be one, until we found out that he was embezzling the Rainbow Coalition money for his mistress. Ok, one role model down. Athletes (black or white) simply aren't good role models. We had Johnny Cochrane, but he's dead. We had Ed Bradley, but he's dead. Gee, is there anyone a kid can turn to for a great black role model? Barack Obama! Sorry, Jesse has decided he is too white. Shut up, Jesse, and go away. You are doing more harm than good.

The worse thing I can say about Jesse is that he is a racist. If you know me, or read here often, you know that isn't tolerated by anyone at anytime. You just don't ever single someone out because they look different... unless they are that guy in the post below. Jesus, what a freak that guy is.


Anonymous Doug E. said...

Funny, when I read that article earlier my first comment was "Man can this guy get anymore racist??"

12:53 PM  

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