Liberals treat dogs like people, Conservatives treat people like dogs

Saturday, September 15

I celebrate the human condition. My love for humanity knows not color or creed. You know by now as a reader here that I abhor racism or sexism of any kind. As they taught me at Greenpeace, mostly all 'isms' are bad. I agree. Let's just hug it out like a big happy colorful Benetton ad. Then I saw this.

Yeah, that's pretty fucked up, don't you think? That isn't make up, that is dude's real condition. It's called hypertrichosis, and the people who are much less sensitive than me call it 'werewolf man's syndrome'. I don't mean to make fun of this guy, honestly. This picture does start a discussion, though.

I feel terrible for this dude, because he has assholes like me writing about him. More importantly, this brings up a lot of questions; Can he shave his face and look normal? Does he have hair everywhere like that... even on his junk? Is there a treatment for this? Most importantly, is this god's punishment for too much masturbation? 'Cause if it is, I better go buy some combs and brushes.


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