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Wednesday, September 12

This makes me very happy

The VMA's were Sunday. I know you didn't watch, no one has for years. Something great happened, though. Kid Rock beat up Tommy Lee. What's great about that? Why do I hate Tommy? I don't. I actually dig both Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. I have seen Tommy drum with the Crue a few times and he is really good. I can also tell dude is a genuinely happy and a big hearted guy. Also, though, I think he is a half wit. What I do like about this is rock stars beating each other up. This is how it is supposed to be.

Think of it, what great rock rivals have their been? None, really. I mean, Vince Neil & Axl Rose talk shit about each other. Also, their is Axl Rose versus pretty much everyone. However, there aren't any fights. Ok, Axl beat up Tommy Hilfiger and Jack White beat up that other dude really bad.

Still, most rock stars are pussies & do nothing more than talk. Not my boy Kid Rock, though. It reminds me of a great quote by Nikki Six (Tommy's guitarist). "Just because we wear make up doesn't mean we can't kick your ass." Lastly, Tommy is a very big dude... and at least half retarded. I can only imagine this will escalate. Maybe they could to celebrity boxing on Fox. I mean, they are fighting for Pam Anderson... you couldn't write a better scenario than that.


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