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Tuesday, April 22

the Israeli spy scandal

Ok, back to work distilling the news and issues as only I can. Check out this headline:
American Accused of Spying for Israel
Some dude spent 20 years taking our secrets and giving them to Israel. He got busted, and that is good. Here is where I am confused. I thought Israel was our ally? Israel is the jews, right? Haven't we been protecting and financing them since WW2? Isn't our support of Israel why we were attacked on 09/11? rhetorical questions, all. The answer is yes.

So, why our friends and allies are spying on us? Does anyone else see the conflict here? Haven't we sacrificed just about everything to protect and defend Israel? If we can't trust our own friends... you get the idea. Reminds me of another 'friend' and 'ally'; Pakistan.

We have given billions. Billions to the military dictatorship of Pakistan. For what? They are still hiding Bin Laden, they still hate us, they still have nukes, and they are still a dictatorship. That is some great work, Mr President. No wonder it was announced just today that Bush has the worst ratings of a President in HISTORY. Worse than Nixon. Great work, Mr. President!

* after thought: the guy who sold secrets to our friends is in jail. Yet, the guy who sold secrets to our enemies walks free. Why is that?


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