Liberals treat dogs like people, Conservatives treat people like dogs

Monday, April 21

oh, the humanity

Remember how Iran kidnapped a crap load of our soldiers and civilians back in Christmas of 1980? Remember how Carter botched the whole thing and we all nearly came to world war? Remember how people didn't hear from their loved family ones for months? Remember how the whole world was at edge... and we all felt so helpless? Do you remember putting yellow ribbons around everything, as a prayer for the hostages? Well, this is exactly like that.

Get out the yellow ribbons, America. It is time to show that this level of censorship will not be taken lying down. It is time to fight to the death for our rights.

Of course, most likely, my account probably got temporarily suspended for using a photo from another site without permission. I do that a lot. Just in case, though, I want to see blood in the streets. I want my country back! Oh, and my URL too.


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