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Sunday, April 20

quite peculiar

welcome back. I know the site looks funny. That is because for some reason, my other site got 'suspended'. By my 'other site', I mean the site at this URL that I used to manage through Wordpress. It appears that the good people at Wordpress are angry with me. What is weird is that I have NO idea what got me banned. There is no e mail or anything, just that I was suspended for 'terms of use'. The last piece I wrote was yesterday (Saturday) afternoon about the Nanci Pelosi/ Newt Gingrich doing the Gore commercial. I am more than likely to have called Gingrich a 'douchebag' 'piece of shit' or any other myriad of slanderous conversation. I don't remember. That is just freedom of speech, right?

Well, we will dock here for a bit until we figure things out. I promise, whatever happened, I will tell you. The trick is for me to find out myself. If you want to see what my website looks like in the meantime, click here.

thanks, Lono


Anonymous Grainger said...

I forgot to mention that I turned you in to the Word Press Police for being patently stupid and mildly annoying.


11:03 PM  

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