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Saturday, October 2

some modern political dialogue for you

Reader, you are getting this somewhat out of context. I guess I would recommend you start with reading this piece I wrote for blogcritics.

I then got back a response that basically hit the GOP talking points about Dems. For example: why don't Dems want people to work? Why do Dems want to tax everything? Why don't Dems appreciate our military and freedom? You get the idea... here is my rebuttal to my most excellent and terrific cousin who works much harder than I do. He also runs the family business that got me here today. I guess you could consider this piece part 4 in my 'Myths about Democrats' series. I have yet to write part 3, about gun control... but it is coming!


I think I agree with about all your conerns down there. Problem is, you are looking at the outdated mythology of the Democratic party. For example, there is the myth that Dems love big government and handing out money to the poor. Bill Clinton has been the only president to take on and reform welfare. Clinton enacted 'welfare to work', which meant you couldn't just hang out and make babies to collect checks.

The second myth is how we love to tax and spend. Again, Clinton shrunk the size of the federal government to the smallest it had been since John Kennedy. Also, he controlled spending and gave us a SURPLUS of money. Remember that $300 check that President Bush sent out years ago? Yeah, that was money that Clinton had saved up through prudent spending... and Bush choked away.

Now, the deficit is higher than it has even been.... and will continue to grow. This all to fight a war in Iraq. Ok, to be fair... none of it is going to fight the war in Iraq. It is going to private contractors and mercenaries. The GAO is just as curious as to where that 87 billion went as you are... because we are still short on soldiers there and their resources suck, regrettably. As Senator Kerry pointed out last night during the debates, Iraq had NOTHING to do with terrorism or 9/11. The reason why Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism is because Saddam ran a very tight ship... and didn't like anyone else competing for power or tyranny. The war on terror needs to be focused on Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. We know where the terrorists are, we know where they get their money and training... and it has nothing to do with Iraq (hint, our true enemy and threat is a country that rhymes with Saudi Arabia).

Well, it didn't until about a year ago. Now Iraq is a haven for anti-American sentiment. Why? Because we are not liberators. We were a year and a half ago... now we are occupiers. I am not saying cut and run, no one is... but we need to suss up the situation. More importantly, we need to determine, as a nation, is 'suss' is really a word.

As a taxpayer, I am all for getting much more of my paycheck. and when I see a guy standing on the corner holding a sign for money... I too think 'get a job asshole. I did!'

Keep in mind the great words of Henry David Thoreau in his piece on Civil Disobedience written in the 1850's
'the government that governs least, governs best'
Now that is poetry. I feel 100% confident that if Thoreau were alive today, he would be voting Democrat this November. Quick reminder, Monday is the last day to register to vote!


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