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Monday, November 15

The Doppler 9 Million®

Back almost a year ago, I promised you the Doppler 4,000,000.® Several of you laughed, and I was hit with two 'cease and desist' letters from Fox news. However, once my lawyer had them look at our Doppler... it was clear what the difference. Today I have launched the Doppler 9 million. It promises to not just know the weather, but guarantees 100% accuracy. Along with the claim I made on the original Doppler 4 million... well let's just read the original press release regarding the predicting abilities of my machine:

If that type of weather does not then happen (which is where most of your modern Doppler's fail) it will then go up into the clouds and beat them into submission.

The Super Mega Dopppler 4,000,000® > When we say it's going to snow... it snows. Or someone gets hurt!

and that my friends is what we have finally delivered. See, the thing is that I am a huge weather dork. I have two weather stations in the house and one in my truck. I apologize for taking almost a year from our first announcement. Anyhow, have fun with the weather site. I hope it's not a distraction to the overall page, especially since I just added the photo thing. You should be able to configure it to report weather wherever you are... except Phoenix.

I say that because all of my family are there and we know that there simply is not weather in Phoenix. As a superfan weather bonus, here on the side is a photo of us digging out of the blizzard of 2003. There might be those of you from perhaps Minnesota or Buffalo who look at this and say 'that ain't a blizzard'!. Know that in this photo we are on our second or third full shovel of the day. See my truck on the right, I worked that day and drove home in this. That is only about two hours worth of snow accumulated on it. Oh, and I didn't call it a blizzard. The pinheads on the news did.


Blogger Lono said...

Apparently you may not be seeing the super cool weather grid thing on the left. It worked from both browsers at home (explorer and Mozilla), but isn't working at all from my browser at work. Sorry for the confusion. If it isn't loading where you are now, try doing it another location (like home) because it is super cool.

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