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Friday, April 13

Good news from the White House

Not something you expect to hear me say, is it? Me neither. Do you remember Tony Snow? He was the new press secretary for the Bush Crime Family. I really didn't care for him at all. He just came across as a total dick. When you represent total dicks for a living, you should maybe be a likable guy. Scott McClelland was a likable guy. You are a likable guy. Anyhow, Tony Snow stepped down for health reasons.

So I was checkin' today, as I do about every waking second. This is where I found her. Her is Dana Perino, the new White House Press Secretary. I haven't heard a word she has said, yet. I can't say anything about her tone, which is super important to me. Here is the thing, though... she is HOT. Holy crap is she hot. I mean, even though is a professional apologist for the Bush Crime Family... she is hot. Seriously, just look at her.

I think this is a great move for the White House. I think it is a great move for Women in leadership positions. Most importantly, I don't have to listen to Tony Snow sneer at me through his elitist jerkface. I say to you, Ms. Perino, that I love you. Good luck in your new position, you have to defend these asshats now. Still, this is a great career move and a dream for journalists everywhere (isn't it? I don't know, I am not a journalist.


Blogger Pookus said...


Isn't she kinda, you know, man-like?

5:10 PM  
Blogger Lono said...

NO! You have always been jealous of what we have. Leave me and Dana alone. Or, is it... leave Dana and I alone?

Either way, I love her even if her boss is one of history's biggest douchebags.

10:02 AM  

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