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Wednesday, June 13

Judge Roy Pearson is an Asshole pt 2

Guess what, I now know what the suit is about. Misleading signage. Who are these goddamn immigrants that come to our country making a better pants life for all of us, yet mock the American good sense of signage? Judge Roy Pearson is declaring that the business said 'same day service', and 'satisfaction guaranteed'. As for 'same day service', read this piece I did last year on 'one hour photo'.

As for the Judge's claim of 'satisfaction guaranteed', I want to cite movie case law of another Judge... Judge Reinhold. Remember that scene in 'Fast Times' when the customer was bitching about his breakfast. The customer demanded an immediate refund for his breakfast. Judge Reinhold's character told the guy he was sorry, no problem, and after you fill out this form I will return your money.

So, the customer (think Roy Pearson here) said "the sign said 100% refund and I want my 100% refund right now". Reinhold replies "Mister, if you don't shut up, I am going to kick 100% of your ass!". That is the kind of justice I am talking about. Judge Reinhold, where are you now... when America most needs you?


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